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Walls Contractor in Escondido

retaining walls for lawn

Escondido Concrete and Masonry has been constructing durable quality walls for our clients for the past years. Our Escondido wall installations have proven to stand the test of time and have been highly recommended by our previous clients. With professional wall installation, you are guaranteed proper results that will stand up to the elements that nature carries. If you are looking for a concrete or masonry company to construct retaining, masonry, or stone walls look no further than ECM. We have served our community with results and affordable options and will continue this tradition with you. Trust that the results not only look beautiful but are strong and resist the wear and tear natural to load-bearing walls!

Masonry Walls

Masonry walls are bound with a mortar and are constructed of brick, stones, marbles, granites, concrete blocks, or tiles. The walls are the most durable part of any structure and can be reinforced to enhance durability. When you bring ECM onto your team you are bringing on experienced masonry professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to construct walls on your commercial or residential property. Novice or inexperienced contractors are prone to missing important steps compromising the walls to structural problems.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are constructed in the outdoor space of properties. The benefit of a retaining wall is that it holds back the earth or soil behind the bricks or stone. Our team of professional contractors is able to affordably and effectively build a retaining wall on your property to stop the movement of soil. Retaining walls can be constructed of brick stone or other material to add an appealing aspect to the utilitarian purpose of the wall. Steep slopes are prone to the movement of soil and earth and can require the presence of retaining walls.

Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are constructed in many different scenarios, from the construction of homes to the uses in retaining walls concrete is used to form walls all around us. With proper professional installation, concrete can be a great investment for homeowners looking for durability and longevity out of their walls. Although concrete retaining walls are not the most appealing to look at, their function is conducted with the utmost proficiency.


Stone has great resistance to fire and is extremely durable. The lifespan of stone walls makes it a great option for retaining walls. Stone can also be used in dwelling structures, benefits include the high thermal mass that absorbs heat in the day and releases it at night. The high thermal mass reduces your heating and cooling costs. Stone is very energy efficient and a great option for homeowners looking for an eco-friendly wall choice. ECM has been installing high-grade stone walls for our clients for years. The feedback that our customers give us validates the benefits stated for the choice. From lowered energy costs to higher efficiency stone is a choice to be considered.