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Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry Escondido

this image shows stone masonry escondido concrete masonry

For many centuries now, human beings have used stones to construct their structures. Here in Escondido, stone masonry structures are formed by combining various masonry units such as stones with mortar. Stone masonry has been used to construct structures that have existed for many millenniums such as the Great Wall of China and the pyramids of Egypt. Get started today, dial (760) 993-3837.

Get Best Escondido Stone Masonry

One of the reasons why stone is very popular is because it is among the strongest building materials. When choosing the right stones for your construction project, you should consider several factors such as.


The look of stones will play an important role in the structure’s beauty. The aesthetic beauty of the stone will depend on its color. The stone needs to have a uniform look. Get the best stone masonry Escondido expert quotes to start with beautiful stone masonry.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition and properties of stones should be tested and verified before they can be used in the masonry construction of a building. This is important as different compounds and elements in the stone contain different properties. For instance, when silicate is used as cementing material, it will be resistant to weathering.

Heat Resistance

The stone shouldn’t expand much when there is an increase in temperature. A good choice for building a chimney, fire pits, fireplaces, and barbeques is a siliceous material as it can resist heat.

Hardness and Strength

Stones often withstand machinery vibration and moving loads and are therefore very tough. Crystalline stones are usually harder as compared to non-crystalline stones.  If you need stones to make floor slabs, paving blocks, choose stones that can withstand abrasion.


Some creepers and trees can thrust their roots in the stone joints causing adverse chemical and mechanical results.

Speak to An Experienced Stone Masonry

If you are wondering which stones are good choices for your project, you should speak to a stone masonry near me. At Escondido Concrete and Masonry, our superior workmanship and attention to detail can be seen in the material we use.

We handpick every piece of stone that we use in your masonry contractor project. As the leading home builders in Escondido, we use the best-suited stones to complete your project. You can call today on (760) 993-3837 to discuss your project with you.