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Stamped Concrete Patio

Escondido Stamped Concrete Patio

this image shows escondido concrete masonry contractors stamped concrete patio

One of the reasons why an Escondido stamped concrete patio is becoming popular is because it can be installed fast and more conveniently as compared to a brick or stone installation. However, this is a more complicated project as the contractors working on the project need to prepare well, have the right equipment, and with the right expertise. Dial (760) 993-3837  to get started and get free estimates.

Easy and Durable Stamped Concrete Patio

If you are considering having a stamped concrete patio, here are some things to do.

Prepare the Subgrade Well

The subgrade is the surface on which the concert lies on. You need to, therefore, ensure that this has been prepared well for the concrete slab to rest on it. With a well-prepared subgrade, you can be assured of a strong stamped concrete. This also helps to prevent soil erosion and enhance the drainage.

Enable Proper Joining

When it comes to stamped concrete, joints are necessary and should, therefore, be integrated well in the patio. With a stamped concrete that is well jointed, you can prevent the concrete from cracking. To ensure that the joints do not undermine the look of a stamped concrete, your masonry contractor can hide them in the stamped concrete’s pattern where this is possible.

Mix Concrete Well

Your cement contractor will need to mix concrete to the right standards. You should ensure that the concrete is prepared in a manner that can withstand the harsh weather elements. To make your concrete strong and tough, the ratio of the cement and water should be right. Where too much water is put, this will make the concrete soft and it will crack easily when exposed to harsh weather conditions. You need to ensure that your concrete can withstand various climatic conditions such as summer heat and winter cold. It should also withstand vehicle and foot traffic among various conditions.

Contact the Experts

If you are searching for a way to refurbish your patio, consider a stamped concrete patio. This decorative option is usually cheaper than many hardscaping materials such as natural stones or bricks. It is poured in the same way as regular concrete but textures and patterns are added before the concrete can dry.

Installing a stamped concrete patio is usually delicate and requires some special tools and expertise.  As the leading cement contractor Escondido, we apply the design effect when the concrete is still wet. This task is usually tricky as you need to plan for the wind direction before pouring concrete strategically so that we can stamp it without destroying the attaching options. This is why it is advisable to work with experts.

Escondido Concrete and Masonry

At Escondido Concrete and Masonry, we offer regular and decorative concrete work. From the start to the completion of a project, we guarantee our work. We have worked on hundreds of projects offering interior and exterior concrete services. As experts in stamped concrete, we can help make your project beautiful. Call us today at (760) 993-3837  for a hassle-free installation of stamped concrete patio.