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Stained Concrete

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this image shows escondido concrete masonry stained concrete

Most Reliable Stained Concrete Escondido

Many homeowners are aware of the options available when it comes to staining. However, many are unaware of the fact that they can revamp their old concrete. They think that the concrete’s age may prevent it from getting stained. However, this is not the case and it is very possible to acid stain old concrete. Staining old concrete is very similar to staining new concrete. Dial (760) 993-3837 to get started with your stained concrete project and get free estimates.

Here are some tips on creating your stained concrete Escondido.
Avoid Acrylics

Some stores suggest that acrylic stains work well with older concrete. However, a good concrete company will tell you that acrylic will peel off and look bad. It will end up costing more money and effort.

Acid staining is a better option. It involves the use of a chemical that causes an acid reaction that will change the color of the concrete surface permanently.

As long as the old concrete surface isn’t contaminated with paint, oil, grease, waxes, sealers or other product that would prevent the stain from soaking, the old concrete will stain well. A simple way of testing if the old concrete has been sealed well is by pouring a little water on it. When you see the water soaking in, you can prepare the surface for staining. If the water sits on the concrete’s top, you should start by stripping the sealer before you can start staining.

Acid Application 

Acid application is an art. You need to understand the right application technique and the number of stains you need to apply. Your experience as an installer and the levels of skills play an important part when picking an acid-stain finish. This is why we recommend that you hire a professional to do the job.

Residue Removal

It is important to ensure that any residues on the surface are removed if the stained concrete Escondido will remain in good shape. The surface should also be neutralized to ensure there is good adhesion of the coating system or sealant. Before any sealing, the surface can still be stained resulting in damage. Ensure that the whole area is wet thoroughly and neutralized to avoid any boot prints, residue marks, and other unnatural blemishes.

Don’t Use A Sealant Coating

After the surface is properly dried, avoid using a sealant coating. Even though the residue is the installation’s last stage, it should be done properly.  When the sealer system is improperly applied, roller lines will be visible, while debris and mint will be left in the finish. The surface may also flake or delaminate. A qualified and experienced mason near me can help you to select and apply the right sealer using various techniques such as cross-hatch rolling, spraying, buffing and back rolling.

Choose A Qualified Cement Contractor

If you need any concrete services, you should choose a qualified and experienced masonry contractor. One of the most reputable names in the Escondido area is Escondido Concrete And Masonry. We have professionals with the skills to install Stained Concrete Escondido. We offer a wide range of services such as stamped concrete Escondido, foundation repair and other types of masonry works. Call us on (760) 993-3837 for a conversation on your project.