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Retaining Wall

Escondido Retaining Wall

This image shows retaining wall work in Escondido, CA.

We build retaining walls in Escondido to retain or support soil laterally. These walls come in handy when you want to work on a sloppy landscape. Building these walls is technical and requires expertise. This is an example of a project that is better left to experts. In Escondido, we are the experts to give a call for such technical projects. You can easily reach us by calling (760) 993-387 for free estimates.

At Escondido Concrete and Masonry, we are dedicated to giving you complimentary concrete services. Your project is important to us just as it is to you. When you work with us, we put our expertise to work to get you a perfect project. All you have to do when we work on your wall is to sit back and relax. Once it is done, you will love how strong, durable, and appealing the wall will be. Talk to us today and let us help you retain that soil.

It would be best if you ruled out DIY when it comes to these walls. DIY website won’t be able to help you successfully build a wall for retaining soil. The fact that these walls must be strong makes it difficult for anyone inexperienced to build them perfectly. Reach out to us and let our professionals handle it. We are the concrete contractor you need for your wall.

What Options Do I have?

There are several material options you have when it comes to these walls. You can go for a concrete, stone, or timber retaining wall. The choice to go for will depend on some factors, including your preferences. Here are the options in detail;


Concrete is always preferred when it comes to structures that have to be strong. The strength and durability properties concrete has, are vital in walls for retaining. A concrete wall for retaining soil will withstand the pressure and serve for decades. You won’t have to worry about the wall giving in to the soil pressure.¬†

It is important to note that a concrete wall for retaining must be perfectly built to guarantee strength. If the wall is built with flaws, it can pose a safety risk. Avoid such risks by calling in for professional concrete services. We are a professional contractor with a good track record. You can trust us with your projects.

Another reason why you can call in for a concrete wall is aesthetics. With concrete, there are many decorative options you can go for. We can finish your concrete wall to make it appealing. This will help improve your home’s aesthetics. Call us today at Escondido Concrete and Masonry, and we will help you.


If you are looking for a cheaper option for retaining purposes, then a timber wall is what you need. Timber walls can be used to retain soils that don’t exert much pressure. This is because they are relatively weaker and cannot resists extreme soil pressure. However, timber walls are also an aesthetically appealing option. You can paint your wall with your favorite color.

The disadvantage of a timber wall is that it is prone to damage by termites. Termites can eat away the wood weakening the wall. Your timber wall will collapse once termites or any other pests attack it. Talk to us at Escondido Concrete and masonry if you need help with any retaining wall. We are a concrete contractor who has got you covered.


Stone walls are appealing aesthetical structures that blend with most landscapes. If you want the natural stone look in your home, then give us a call at (760) 993-387 for this wall. Our expert stone masons have built many stone walls for retaining purposes. They can guarantee a perfect wall that will stand the test of time and improve your home’s look.

Stone walls will retain soil and withstand harsh weather conditions if perfectly build. We have the best stonemasons in Escondido. Calling (760) 993-387 is all you have to do to get them on your project. A stone wall for retaining purpose will give your home a whole new look. We offer a free estimate when you reach out to us. The estimate from our professionals will help you in budgeting for the project.

The Best Retaining Walls in Escondido, CA

At Escondido Concrete and Masonry, we build strong walls that will retain soil for decades. We have a good track record in Escondido for offering the best services. Reach out to us by calling (760) 993-387, and we will be there to give you the help you need.