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Pool Decks

Pool Decks Contractors in Escondido

nice looking pool deck

Pools are a great investment in your property when accompanied by stylish and practical decking materials your pool can skyrocket your property value. When considering your options in pool decking we suggest consulting with our experts. From stone to wood our installation process is customized to your unique property’s needs and overall vision. Hiring the team at ECM ensures that professionals are controlling your pool deck installation from initial design to finals steps. Concrete and tile options are great affordable options to add intrigue and style to your outdoor living space, of course, the traction they provide is a benefit besides the slippery surface of the pool!


Homeowners, due to their low maintenance and low financial cost, consistently choose concrete pool decks Escondido. Poured concrete is a great affordable option for many homeowners throughout the United States. The finishing options on concrete include stamped to mimic natural stone, brick, or other patterns as well as brushed. Stamped concrete does come at an added cost to homeowners but nevertheless is popular due to the aesthetic value it provides. Stamping concrete, even with the additional cost, is cheaper than the alternative option of stone.


Another affordable option of decking for your pool is wood, which is popular among homeowners secondary to concrete. The organic appearance that is provided with wood compared to concrete makes this choice more ideal for some design elements. Wood can be built off the ground, which makes it a perfect choice for irregularly shaped landscapes. With the installation of wood pool decking comes the added maintenance. The care that a wood deck requires surpasses that of a concrete surface. Wood pool decking can be stained or painted to prevent color loss and should be preventatively sealed to avoid damage.


Pool decking can also be constructed of alternative materials such as stone. Natural stone is extremely durable making it a great choice for many homeowners! The appeal of natural stone also propels the installation of the material. Stone can be chosen to be cohesive with other design elements as it comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes! If you are looking to add a waterfall or other features around the pool area, the stone could be the right pool decking choice for you.  Stone can reach a higher financial burden than the alternative options of wood or concrete.


Tile decks can be a great option for homeowners looking for clean and practical pool decking options. The options of color size and style are vast and the installation process fairly simple compared to other decking materials. Tile can be complemented with a great grout color that coordinates with the design elements of the original tile. If you are considering tile installation contact our pool deck experts for a full comprehensive quote. Ensure that you have all the information necessary to make the best choice for the value of your property and the longevity of your decking!