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Escondido Patios

masonry concrete worker doing putting concrete together

Escondido Concrete and Masonry professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to install the patio of your dreams. With the procurement of our team, you are guaranteed satisfaction and quality results. Create an interesting and appealing outdoor space to your property that serves as a functional surface. Your patio installation will increase the value of your property and the functionality of the space for your family. When you are considering the addition of a patio to your outdoor living space contact ECM and consult the industry-leading contractors for your project. We offer affordable options for our community to reap the benefits of their outdoor living space.


Wood patios can be constructed of various strains of wood and designed to maximize the functionality of your outdoor space. With our skilled patio installation team, your newly acquires space is guaranteed to be properly installed with quality and efficiency. Wood patios are great spaces for memories to be made, from family gatherings to celebrations and activities your patio will create endless possibilities for your space.  ECM offers affordable patio options for community members looking to take advantage of their outdoor living space. Raised patios have become popular for homeowners with raised structures.


Escondido patios made in concrete are great less expensive options for homeowners looking to create a functional space in the outdoor space. Options are available for property owners looking to introduce stamped concrete into space as well as tinted concrete. By working with professional installation experts you have chosen to bypass the dangers posed by inexperienced concrete contractors. With the option to mimic natural stone to brick and other patterns, your options seem endless with patio options provided by ECM. Improperly poured concrete is expensive and labor-intensive to remove and can be avoided with the skilled contractor services at ECM.


Pergola additions can be a great way to add shade or covered space to your patio. ECM offers attached as well as freestanding pergola structures to our customers. There are safety standards that should be followed when considering the installation of a pergola or gondola to your outdoor space. Your patio outside the home requires protection from potential damage that the elements can inflict. With the expert consultation and installation by ECM your pergola will be securely fastened to anchors below ground. From two to four anchors are used to guarantee protection from devastation.

Brick or Paver

Bricks and pavers are popular choices for homeowners looking to add character and value to the outdoor living space. Installation of pavers and bricks is beneficial as it offers flexibility and strength to the designated pathway. Allocating space for your guests to safely and efficiently travel through your garden or yard will save your investment into gardening and landscaping. The pathways or patio is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of your outdoor living space as an extension of your indoor room.