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Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers

this image shows escondido concrete masonry patio pavers

Excellent Patio Pavers

It is possible to create a patio using different materials. However, many homeowners are choosing patio pavers to give their homes a fresh look. This is because this option is easy to install and requires little maintenance. While the original cost may be higher as compared to cement, you will end up saving in the long run as you will not need to seal or stain continuously. Plus, it is easier to repair each paver at a time.

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If you are considering installing patio pavers, there are certain tips from the best masonry contractors Escondido that can help get the perfect results. These are:

Determine the Service Lanes

Before the preparation of the patio area, you need to get in touch with your utility company to have electrical or plumbing lines marked. You should then dig about 6 inches below the vegetation’s root level. If the soil is dry, water the area at night before any softening or dampening the area to make digging easier.

Keep the Area Free of Weed

A barrier should be created between the previous soil and the sand’s new base. This will ensure that there will be minimal weed and vegetation encroaching on the patio from beneath. Take the patio’s measurement to determine the square footage. You can do that by multiplying the length with the width before adding ten percent.

Create a Base

Use a tamper to pack the base. Ensure that the paper is laid on a smooth and solid level. Every subsequent layer of material should be repacked.

Keep the Edges Tight

To minimize the paver’s movement, to make the edges solid, use solid cement lips, more pavers,  vinyl or metal edges. On top of the stability, this can go a long way in preventing weed from growing.

Use Color Variations

You will need some slight variation of colors in the pavers in the same way you would with various tiles or wood flooring. Blend the different brick or stone piles to create a beautiful natural look. Therefore, you won’t have a patchwork look.

Make cuts to create the perfect fit. If you would like to create any kind of pattern in the paver, you will have to cut bricks or stones. The cold chisel is a great tool to do that. A wet saw is a great tool that you can hire.

Pack Cracks

Apply a sand layer to seal the cracks completely. This will keep them fixed, allow water to drain and minimize weed.

Keep Pavers on Hand

You should put some extra bricks and stones to make your repair easier. If there are any broken pavers, you can remove them with various screwdrivers. Where the pavers require to be sliced to be positioned well, you should cut it a bit smaller as compared to the opening length of the hole so that sand can be easily muffled around it.

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