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Escondido Driveways

driveway repair in progress

Driveways leading to commercial and residential buildings are prone to high traffic and the natural wear and tear that comes along with this. To ensure that your Escondido driveway installation lasts as long as possible proper preparation should be conducted prior to pouring. Preparation is important to the strength of the concrete driveway, without proper maintenance the concrete will crack and weather faster than expected. The driveway services that we offer are comprehensive and include proper preparation and installation. Repairs are also available to be conducted by our team of licensed contractors.


Preparation of your driveway should be conducted professionally to ensure proper stabilization of the concrete pour. Without proper compaction and leveling efforts your driveway can be weakened and crack. Preparation is conducted by our team of experienced concrete contractors and followed with installation. Proper tools are needed to create a strong long-lasting bottom layer below the concrete driveway. Have your property value increased with the functional investment of a driveway by ECM and start reaping the benefits today!


Driveways and concrete parking lots are pummeled with high volume high weight traffic. The constant pressure of this traffic can create a weaker concrete surface that is more susceptible to cracking and damage. High-density traffic is not the only element that causes compromised concrete. Standing water and improper gradients will cause water to pool in the cracks and surface of concrete. The water will expand pushing the cracks to be more invasive than first present. Repairs can be conducted with polyurethane filler or through removal and pouring of new concrete on the area in need. Repairs can help the longevity of the concrete driveway but without proper resolution of the initial problem the crack is likely to recur.


Concrete’s appearance and life span will be increased with the application of a sealant. Not only does the additional layer add a barrier from the UV rays resisting fading but also protects water from penetrating the surface! Maintenance of sealer includes the reapplication of the protective layer every few years following installation. Sealer helps protect the investment that you have just made into the appearance and functionality of your driveway. Without the maintenance your driveway is sure to have a shortened lifespan that will require repaving prior to properly maintained concrete poured at a similar time. Our concrete contractors are able to assess the state of your sealer and recommend options to increase the longevity of your pavement.

Curb Appeal

Having a driveway adds value to homes when resale is concerned. The curb appeal that is added along with the utilitarian function make the presence of a strong properly installed driveway important to resale. If you are looking at a functional way to increase the value of your residential property a driveway will give you bang for your buck! Our concrete professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare and install a driveway on your property.