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Concrete Finishing

Concrete Finishing Escondido

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Concrete is a popular and versatile construction material used in constructing residential, industrial, and commercial structures. Concrete is not only strong but it is aesthetically-pleasing, especially when it is modified on the outside using various techniques and materials. One of the basic types of concrete finishing is the smooth surface made using a trowel and screed. Once the concrete is put in a form, a screed is made to smoothen the surface. If you need help with concrete finishing, please call (760) 993-3837 for free estimates.

Screed is made with long wood and metal pieces that are pushed and pulled across a concrete surface to get rid of excess concrete that fills gaps in the surface.

Types of Concrete Finishing

Here are the most preferred types of concrete finishing:

Troweled Finish

A trowel can be used to smoothen a concrete surface after it is flattened using a screed. Hand trowel has a flat blade with a handle. They are pulled and pushed over the concrete’s surface. The masonry contractor keeps repeating the process until the surface is completely smooth. If it is a big job, such as a commercial or industrial project, the masonry company will use power trowels. These work in a similar way to fan of blades sitting on concrete.

Broom Finish

A broom finish is a troweled finished concrete, taken one step further. With this finishing option, the surface is leveled before it is closed using a trowel and other similar smoothening methods. This is usually followed by workers dragging a broom over the surface.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

This usually indicates the aggregates mixed into concrete. For this finishing kind, the aggregate used is chosen as a result of their look, unlike other finishes. To accomplish the aggregate finish you should wash away the top cement layer, making it possible for the aggregate to be visible. Aggregates can be made of seashells, attractive stones, granites, and other such materials.

This unique and beautiful finish is accomplished by concrete pouring before leveling the surface using a trowel. You should then treat the surface overnight using a chemical that can slow the hardening of the surface. Wash the surface using water to get rid of the top layer and to show the aggregate beneath.

Stamped Concrete Finish

This Escondido concrete finishing option provides a decorative texture to your concrete surface.  If you are searching for a way to add visual interest and texture to your concrete surface, a stamped concrete finish is a good choice. To achieve this stamped finish, place a panel with designs on the uncured cement. This way, the panel’s design is transferred providing the concrete with a textured appearance. Concrete stamps are available in many different designs such as tile, brick, stone, and other patterns. To achieve the stamped finish, place your design on the uncured cement

Stained Concrete

When it comes to concrete staining, color is added after the leveling and curing. The majority of concrete stains have earthly or subtle colors. Stains can provide an ordinary concrete color with appeal and depth.

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No matter the kind of concrete finishing you need, it is always good to work with a reputed cement contractor Escondido who will guarantee you of exemplary results.  One of the names that you can count on is Escondido Concrete and Masonry. We have always provided our clients with the desired results. Contact us today on (760) 993-3837 for free estimates.