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Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor in Escondido

masonry concrete worker making retaining walls

Concrete is a great addition for homeowners looking to extend their living spaces to outdoor sections, commercial spaces looking to add durable flooring options, and more. Concrete is used to anchor pergolas and other structures ensuring safety procedures and complied with. Concrete is installed in a proper and professional manner when ECM is brought on to assist. Concrete, if installed improperly, is expensive and labor-intensive to remove and reinstall. Novice or DIY concrete contractors can cause damage to the property and financially with improper usage of the materials.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is a great option for commercial or residential owners looking to add visual interest and traction to space. With the addition of stamping the surface of the concrete installation, you reap the benefits of design. From natural stone to brick and patterns your concrete can be reimagined and personality installed! ECM is tenured in concrete installation not only do we offer affordable and efficient concrete services for our community but also we do it with a smile!


The foundation of your structure requires strength and durability. These are offered with our concrete installation services. The reinforced concrete can be poured in correspondence with other professional services. To ensure high-level of proper installation bring on ECM and be confidant that your resulting concrete will be secure. Foundations should be poured with accuracy and proficiency that is offered by the accredited contractors at ECM. We utilize top of the line tools to accomplish the proper foundation pour that is required to keep the competency of your structure.


Concrete is not just utilized for roads, foundations or decks but also can be used to create barriers! From road barriers to garden bed barricades, a concrete installation can be expertly completed with Escondido Concrete and Masonry. Expert Escondido concrete contractor teams should be used to avoid any unexpected problems that are prone to occur with novice contractors. Your curbing needs can be fully realized with the participation of ECM in an efficient and affordable manner. Our trusted contractors have been accredited and valued in the community for years. Our loyal clients use our concrete services again and again to accomplish an array of desired results!


The time that your concrete project will take varies on the complexity of the pour as well as the scope of the project. When conferring with your concrete contractor there are a few good questions to cover prior to initiation. Permits can be required for various alterations being made to your property, make sure that your concrete contractor has the proper accreditation and experience to request these permits prior to pouring concrete. Another necessary precaution is the presence of rebar if your concrete has a heavy weight-bearing load than reinforcement is likely necessary. Be confident that your concrete contractor is able to assess the load and make the proper reinforcements using rebar prior to pouring concrete. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in the requirements of your concrete!