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Escondido Concrete Company

this image shows concrete company project by the best escondido concrete and masonry contractors

Finding A Concrete Company

If your concrete needs to be working on, one of the things that you will need to do is to get a good concrete company. You may already have several names popping up in your mind. But are you aware of the questions you need to ask to determine if you should ask them for a quotation? If your answer is on, here are a few of them that should help you get started. Reach us at (760) 993-3837 for more information and get free estimates.

Know Your Concrete Company

How long is your warranty?

Many masonry contractors offer a warranty of one year. If the contractor is not ready to provide any warranty, you should look for another company. If the cement contractor Escondido offers a warranty that lasts more than a year, you will need to understand the details. There are chances that the warranty comes with clauses that allow them not to cover the repairs that are likely to occur.

What will happen if my concrete driveway is destroyed by weather elements?

You will need to choose a driveway contractor Escondido who is always prepared for such accidents. If any damage occurs as a result of a storm, the Escondido concrete company should be ready to redo the work. However, you should also accept the company’s decision to repeat it on a day when the weather is clear.

How long will my job take?

The duration will depend on the magnitude of the project. If it isn’t a major project, it shouldn’t take more than three days.

When will you start?

Many of the good concrete companies usually engage for several weeks or even months. If a concrete company is ready to start immediately, you need to ask a few more questions. It could be a sign that he is inexperienced.

Do you have pictures of your previous work?

Any good masonry contractor near me has pictures of their previous work. Alternatively, you can ask the concrete company to provide you with the contacts of their happy clients. If they aren’t ready to give any images or referrals, this is an indication that you are speaking to the wrong company

Do you clear the site after completing the job?

There are masonry contractors who will leave your site in a big mess. Some will destroy your yard to complete a minor job. A contractor who leaves a site messy isn’t necessarily the wrong one. But the cement company should guarantee to leave the site the same way or better than they found it.

What will be the thickness of the slab?

If you need concrete pouring services, you don’t want a situation where a crack arises a few weeks after the construction. This is why you need the right thickness that can handle a load. Find out the thickness of your cement driveway and other concrete services.


You now know the qualities to consider when searching for a concrete company. If you are in Escondido and the surrounding area, you don t need to search anymore. Simply get in touch with the leading concrete company. Call Escondido Concrete and Masonry on (760) 993-3837.